About Us

Who we are

SHB Social Foundation is a collaborative space, an attempt to work with community partners to tackle social issues of the day. Collaborative thinking and engaging the community towards creating a space for well being that nurtures compassion and happiness, is the collective impact of SHB Social Foundation endeavours. As a facilitator, SHB is trying to connect and nurture networks, leverage resources for social change, and integrate multi-dimensional approaches that reflect and engage with diverse community needs at the Individual as well as at an Institutional and Community level.

Through dialogue and engagement with the community to identify the underlying dynamics that affects us all, SHB Social Foundation aims to enable each one of us and together as a community to effectively cope and enhance our competency to shape our actions towards a more meaningful way of life. This can be achieved when we can embrace change with a compassionate approach and bring about an equilibrium that can create a society where we can think and act with compassion.

Why SHB Social Foundation

Change is inevitable and how well we as a community cope with the change process gives a measure of the competence and cohesiveness of our community. Although social change is challenging, nevertheless social outrage over recent incidents also tell us that we are a traditional Nation cloaked in superficial modernity. Modernity is to do with attitudes, especially those that define our social relations.

Community Competence is the ability to better evaluate, cope with, and resolve life-issues. This affects our emotional and intellectual health, our ability to communicate effectively even in times of conflict and the boundaries we maintain to enable healthy, meaningful relationships with ourselves and in engaging with others.

Where will you find SHB Social Foundation

SHB Social Foundation envisions to network with social community leaders, schools, colleges and corporate organizations to identify the life-skills required to get to the levels of competence that help us engage better. This happens through various means, but primarily through raising awareness, providing support to different community segments, training and designing systems and mechanisms to institutionalize support services.

SHB Social Foundation Focus :

  1. Compassion
  2. Gender
  3. Lifeskills