Adolescent Support

Listening /Support circle for board exams students

Anxious about your Board Exams???

Feeling overwhelmed with expectations? Stressed with board exams around the corner?

Well here is an opportunity to take a break and relax with others going through the same.

Come together at SHB Social Foundation, Aundh.

A meeting space for students studying for their board exams. A place where you can share your anxieties, learn a better way to cope, and support each other.

These one hour sessions will be moderated by a facilitator and will include 15 minutes modules on stress relief, strategies to cope, nervousness before the exams, live in the moment, etc.
Depending on the number and the drive by the group, these sessions will be held monthly.

Kindly check our calendar for dates and schedules every month.

Adolescent Support Through the Arts


Hang-out with artAdolescents are a highly stressed out lot in our society. While teenage years are also seen as the most fun years, in these times and particularly, in an Indian environment, our adolescents go through a huge amount of stress which is beginning to impact their mental and social wellness.

Apart from their own body and hormonal changes, they are also constantly assailed with academic pressure, board exams, competitive entrances, parent’s and peer pressure, social and now social media pressure too. How are we expecting our youngsters to cope with no outlet for their angst?

We are trying to create a happy hang-out space for our youngsters to express themselves through the arts. We have experienced artists and music aficionados who will drop into these spaces from time to time to help our youngsters express themselves through their art work or the music they will create through collaborative effort. Art material, paper, paints, brushes will be available as also musical instruments. They have only themselves to bring.

This will initially start fortnightly (Saturdays, 4.30-6.30pm) with art , but we hope to make it weekly by including music, Performance poetry, theatre etc.

Kindly check our calendar for activities,dates and schedules every month.

Contact to know more:
Call: 9373339162