Adolescent Support

Listening /Support circle for board exams students

Anxious about your Board Exams??? Feeling overwhelmed with expectations? Stressed with exams around the corner? Well here is an opportunity to take a break and relax with others going through the same. A meeting space for students studying for their board exams. A place where you can share your anxieties, learn a better way to cope, and support each other.

These are one to two hour sessions, will be moderated by a facilitator and will include 15-30 minute modules on stress relief, strategies to cope, nervousness before the exams, live in the moment, etc. These are need based and can be worked according to your needs/dates from October to Feb (Prelims to Board Exam time). If you have a group of 8-10, please contact us to schedule these sessions. Kindly check our calendar for dates and schedules every month.

Adolescent Support Through the Arts/ Creative Movement/ Animal Assisted

As an adolescent, you go through a lot of stress in your life. While teenage years are supposed to be a lot of fun, these are also times when you are required to be focused on exams, entrances, professional aspirations, deciding what you want to be and how you want to earn your living. This is also the time your parents, teachers, and others have expectations of you and you are stressed about being able to meet them. And socially, life can be really distracting. Where to go, what to do?

Come here to SHB. A happy hang-out space for you youngsters to express yourselves through the  Fine arts and Creative Movement. We have experienced facilitators who will help you de-stress! Art material, paper, paints, brushes as well as music is available. You have only yourself to bring.  We also have animal assisted therapy, so if you are a dog lover, come over! Check our Calendar for schedules.

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Adolescent support through Creative Movement

When was the last time you paid attention to the way you move your hands while talking, or the way you walk? When was the last time you allowed yourself to dance in that unique way that only you can? When did you last just MOVED, for no other reason than to explore the joy of movement? Come explore with  our expressive arts therapy facilitator, what your personal body language is. Find out how your body likes to express itself, make friends with it and explore your relationship with your constant companion, in a judgement-free environment. No materials are required. Your body is all you will need and the sessions will be FREE!

Hang out with Movement

Adolescent support through Animals

Pet therapy or animal assisted therapy also happens in SHB. Dogs are a great support and if you love animals, more specifically dogs, this will be a great place for you to be in! Come in and feel supported with our happy doggies!


Kindly check our calendar for activities,dates and schedules every month. Contact to know more:

Call: 9373339162/ 9960639162 (10.30am-6pm, Mon – Fri)