Book a session with your therapist

Book a session with your Therapist

Sometimes, you know you need help. But you do not know whom to approach. We are listing three therapists whom we can vouch for. A brief background of each of them and the areas they specialize is given below. Also, how to reach them. All these sessions are charged, kindly check with them directly on their charges.

  • Gouri Dange : Gauri Dange offers counseling over a wide range of issues that trouble both teenagers & Young adults as well as seniors.
  • Preeti Broker : Preeti is a school counsellor, she has provided therapeutic and emotional support to children and families for behavioural, familial and parenting concerns and integration of children with special needs within the system
  • Adithy : Adithy is a listener, counsellor, psychotherapist, trainer, facilitator, consultant, mentor and organizer. She specializes in trauma work – survivors of suicide loss, childhood trauma, sexual abuse, accidents, and combat trauma
Gouri Dange

Gouri Dange is a Personal Counsellor and also an author of several books. An empathetic personality and her rich life experience along with her training, brings to her counseling sessions a compassion that helps relieves stress, work on core issues that trouble you, and help you strive to achieve an emotional balance in your life. She offers counseling for different ages and in the area of

  • Teenagers and young adults problems (10-17 years)
  • Family relationships- how to deal with a joint family, dealing with in-laws, etc
  • Personal struggles and growth – unsure of career choices, tired of the same routine job, decision making while stepping out of the comfort zone, etc
  • Marital discord – small issues that trouble marital life from taking decisions about work to personal conversations
  • Mid-life issues – women’s mid life issues, how to deal with menopause emotions like irritability, irrational anger that cannot be understood by family members, boredom and what to do next, confusion with where life is going,
  • Intergenerational dynamics– at the workplace where misunderstandings and conflict can arise between the senior employees and the younger employees and how to deal with different scenarios at work; and within the family between parents and children, teenage children and grandparents, in-laws and daughter- in-laws and son in laws
  • Work-life balance – work and life management, time management between the two,
  • Retirement and ageing: Scared with what to do next? How to manage life with the problems of ageing, plagued with questions of becoming redundant to family and utilizing one’s own skills

Gouri Dange can be reached at +919822407232 and at She meets her clients at Bavdhan, Pune. Counselling sessions are also available on Skype.

Preethi Broker

A cumulative work experience of 12 years in the field of Counselling and Education, Preethi Broker is a Mental Health professional. In her association as a school Counsellor, Preeti has provided therapeutic and emotional support to children and families for behavioural familial and parenting concerns. Preeti has worked closely on the successful integration of children with special needs within the system .In addition, has mentored teams and individuals, creating systems of intervention and support. She also conducts school and community-based training and sensitization programs. She currently has her own practice.

Preeti holds a Master’s Degree in Psychiatric Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and is trained in the Narrative Therapeutic technique of Counseling.

Preeti can be reached at +919764403748 and and has her practice in Aundh. She is available on skype for those outside Pune.


Adithy is a counselling psychologist in Pune, India, actively involved in education, prevention, intervention and postvention work in the field of mental health since 2001, in private practice and volunteering with non-profit organizations. Specializing in trauma work, she has worked with various populations including survivors of suicide loss, childhood trauma, sexual abuse, accidents and combat trauma.

Passionate about learning and sharing effective methods of healing, she has designed and facilitated workshops and long-term programmes on topics including mental health, listening, suicide prevention, grief therapy, trauma & dissociation-informed therapy,counselling skills, personal growth and self-healing in settings varying from schools to corporates, gardens to slums, homes to prisons, train compartments to internet groups, in Indian villages to cities abroad.

Adithy can be contacted at +919823245095 and and meets her clients in Sus, Baner, Aundh areas and occasionally in the SHB Social Foundation office in Gaikwad Nagar, Aundh. Adithy is available for home visits too.