Gender Issue Support for Corporate Organisations

Gender Issue Support for Corporate Organisations

The dominance of gender stereotypes is almost universal and remains hidden. We work on gender sensitivity and increasing competence in handling gender diversity. When we talk of gender, it is nearly always in terms of sexual harassment, physical sexual violence or issues regarding the “other” sexualities. Who is the ‘other’ and why are ‘they’ marginalised? ‘Why are ‘they’ not ‘us?’ How do you cope with being homosexual/ bisexual/ transsexual in a society still closed to your right to exist? How would a family come to terms with a child’s sexuality? How would an organisation define its policies in the face of newer social realities?

Be it gender, caste, religion or sexual orientation, we need to celebrate our differences and enhance the richness of diversity. Diversity and its implications exist everywhere – from nuclear families to schools and multinational companies. We hope to further the possibilities of diversity, of open-mindedness, and harness the potential of differences.

The issue of sexual harassment is raising its head in corporate environments in recent times. We work with organisations in building a positive and professional work environment. Identifying gender stereotypes in our behavior, questioning cultural mores, looking at our HR policies, identifying obstacles in growth opportunities for women employees, SHB Social Foundation has experience and expertise in dealing with the wide range of issues on this.

What we do:
  • Briefing/ Informative sessions for the Senior Leadership Team on the legal obligations of the Directors under the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act of 2013.
  • Awareness modules for employees on what constitutes “sexual harassment” under the Act and a briefing on their rights and responsibilities with regards to harassment or discrimination
  • Gender Sensitivity training and intensive workshop modules for employees across all levels. Workshops can also be done in Hindi.
  • Workshop modules include sessions on gender stereotypes, how gender is learnt behavior, our cultural mores that reinforce gendered thinking and ways to get out of it.
  • Establishment of Grievance Redressal Cells and Internal Complaints Committee under the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act of 2013 for the organization.
  • Training for members of the Internal Complaints Committee on principles of natural justice and what evidences are admissible under the Act.
  • Conducting Gender Audits and helping Organisations chart a action plan
  • Formation of a anti-sexual harassment policy for the organization.
  • Refresher programs at frequent intervals

All these sessions and workshops are tailored to meet the requirement of the organization and are conducted at the Client’s premises. The sessions are a mix of exercises, film videos and case studies. They are highly interactive and ensure that the learning stays over a long period of time. Testimonials of participants/ Organisations where these sessions have been conducted are available on request.