Ease and Support

“Ease and Support” is headed by Dr. Priyadarshini Kulkarni, a trained anaesthesiologist and a senior palliative care expert in India (Ease and Support)

Ease and Support works in the following areas:

  • Medical Management of Advanced stage Patients – Essentially includes Pain Management and managing other symptoms as they arise during the treatment and even after the treatment is over.
  • Psycho – social Management – of patients as well as family members. They need help while getting adjusted to the new phase of their life.
  • Training and Education at various levels – right from doctors, nurses and other medical and para medical staff to general public and caregivers. These programs are aimed at understanding the disease, understanding the impact of the same and also help them deal with uncertainty and finally helping them accept the inevitable.
  • Setting up Palliative Care Units – Since it’s a new branch of Medicine, many medical colleges and district hospitals need support to start and successfully run a palliative care centre. Networking, and collaborating is the key for connecting patients from far away areas for comfort in their last days of life. With this aim, we try and built and support centres in Peripheral areas.

EKR( Elisabeth – Kubler Ross ) foundation MH – India chapter:

It is started as one of the international chapters of EKR foundation which is started by Dr Priyadarshini Kulkarni in Pune since October 2018 under her organization named “Ease and Support”. While it adheres to the aims and objectives of EKR foundation, it aims to work by doing pioneering work in following areas for our own community

  • Create awareness about accepting death as natural extension of life while someone is suffering from life limiting illness
  • Understanding the concept of Grief, start grief counselling services. And create infrastructure for bereavement services.
  • Making people aware about advance care planning / living will and help them to die peacefully.