Legal Cell For Women (You have a right to Ask)

Event Details

The Women’s Legal Cell is to help people seeking answers about the various personal laws in our Country.

Have you wondered about judgements that come up in the news? Do you know your rights in your marital home? Do you know about your rights with respect to parent’s property or husband’s property?

Are you going through trauma in your married life? are you considering separation and worried about custody of your children?

Our facilitator is a lawyer having practised in family law and more recently in corporate law. She is currently a mediator and is happy to offer her time to people who need answers on these issues. What you discuss with her will be confidential.

The sessions are FREE for women (token charge for men) and please call for an appointment.

Contact to know more: Call: 9373339162 ( Mon to Fri – 10:30 am to 6:30 pm), Email: