Finance Cell – Money Matters



Are we clear on how much money we need? How much we need to spend and how much we need to save? And therefore, how much we need to earn?!

Are you handling your own money? Or your husband/father or son? As much as men need to learn housework, we believe that women need to learn to handle money. Learn the essentials of Finance.

Is your money in a fixed deposit? Will it grow faster than inflation? Do you have a large house but no money to spend? Are we putting all our eggs in one basket? These and more, we need to learn. 

Diversifying your assets, planning for your retirement, making a will, all this and a bit.

Our one on one sessions with our Personal Finance Consultant at our office in Aundh are very popular. These will be one-on one sessions and in complete confidence.  Kindly call to fix an appointment to seek advice regarding your investments, mutual funds, banking mal-practices, shares etc. Free for women, token charges for men

These are one-on-one sessions (in confidence). Please bring your documents along with you for review.

Check our calendar for dates. Only with appointments.