Empathy for genders that are not your own is not really something that our schools and colleges teach us. How do we then reduce the empathy gap? Can we see things by ‘standing in someone else’s shoes’ or ‘see through someone else’s eyes’.Where does SHB Social Foundation come in?SHB Social Foundation provides for a Listening Post for individuals to provide a safe, caring and comforting space to deal with gender issues. We have a separate support group for LGBT issues. Check Calendar for dates. The issues can relate to among others

  1. Gender identity or Anxiety related to
  2. Sexual Orientation
  3. Family support /help
  4. Sexual harassment (in school, online, workplace)
  5. Child sexual abuse
  6. Cyber sexual crimes
  7. Domestic violence/abuse

SHB Social Foundation attempts to raise awareness and provide guidance for gender sensitivity at the Personal level through Our Listening Post Champions, peers and centers, who we hope will attempt:

  • Understand the complexity and trauma that you are undergoing
  • Offer a sounding board for the inner turmoil keeping confidentiality intact
  • Direct you to trained experts in this field
  • Connect you with the community that can help support your needs
  • Provide you and family with a network of people in the community that can guide you towards the peace you and family seek

Finally, help give you a platform towards a more fulfilled life