Listening post

Listening Post

What is Listening Post

Listening Post is a talking space. The simple act of talking is therapeutic. It is a walk-in space to talk about issues bothering you. LISTENING POST is free

Who we are

The Listening Post is born out of the belief that talking is therapeutic. Having a conversation with someone lightens our heart and relieves our anxieties to a certain extent. Talking is a step towards exploring difficulties and having a clearer vision of how we will cope with them. We promise you a comforting talking and listening space. WE WILL LISTEN. And promise you a safe, completely confidential space in which to express yourself. We believe that through compassionate communication, our minds are soothed and better-enabled to arrive at a capacity to handle change and make decisions.

Why Listening Post

Life is beautiful, but may be challenging at times. At Listening Post we feel that though there are solutions thrown our way, but sometimes, we would simply like to talk, and have a compassionate sounding board at the other end. All of us are strong, but life can get overwhelming, and a little support can only enhance that strength. Be it parenting, inter-personal relationships, work-related stress, perceived disabilities or anything that’s lying heavy on your mind, we offer you the opportunity to ease the burden a little, with an attentive ear and empathetic shoulder.

What Listening means to us

We believe that the simple act of talking is therapeutic. Sharing your issues with us is the conversational equivalent of taking a walk to clear your head, a way to pay heed to things that may have remained unsaid and unheard. Conversation and conscious listening is one step towards acknowledging and respecting all those niggling worries we tend to ignore. Our role is to provide an attentive listening space and guide you to a resolution to some extent, but mostly, we serve as a reminder that it’s all right to feel a little lost sometimes and that it is possible to find a way back to a happier mental place.

How we listen

When you walk in, you will be met by a Listening Champion for your first conversation. There is no time limit and you can be rest assured that you speak to trained professionals. You are welcome to return as many times as you choose, and you may converse with a different volunteer each time. Our volunteers speak a variety of tongues and we will ensure that you are understood. We hope that, as you talk with us, you will be able to work your way to an easier mind and a clearer vision of how you can cope or resolve your issues.
In addition to this, we will maintain a list of specialists – therapists, de-addiction centres, lawyers, education experts and so on. If, after a few sessions, you feel your needs are specific and want an expert to help you, we will be glad to give you a referral.

All Listening Post walk-in services will be free of charge.

Where we will listen

In addition to one-on-one sessions at our centre in Gaikwad Nagar, Listening Post is happy to work on-campuses (schools, colleges, PG institutions), in corporate organisations, senior citizens’ organisations, amongst NGOs and other institutions. See our “Institutions” page for more.

Who can be a Listening Champion?

Our Listening Champions are volunteers. There is a selection process every few months and selected volunteers go through a methodical training process in keeping with our philosophy. Our Listening Champions are selected from all walks of life – homemakers, working professionals etc.


What you talk will be kept strictly between you and your Listening Champion. However, we will take down notes of your conversation and these may be shared among our volunteers to provide consistency during your meetings. However, you may be assured that nothing of what you share will leave our office.

Drop in hours at Listening Post at Gaikwad Nagar
Thursday, Friday, Saturday
5pm to 8pm.

For appointments outside these hours, please call 9373339162, for an appointment in the morning hours or a Sunday.