PMILs Support (Mental Health Support for Self and Family)


Depression is not like physical illnesses. Therefore, it results in a lot of myths among patients. These are strong people dealing with internal battles. But their physical parameters are normal — they go to work and seem alright — which is why depression does not evoke the same sympathy as a physical ailment. There is help available, but it falls upon the families and friends in the person’s immediate circle to ensure that the patient seeks help.

We have a support group for people affected by mental health issues or for their families in helping to deal with it. People recovering from Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Depression…. whether on medication or otherwise are most susceptible to suicidal tendencies. Often people have been under medication and to aid recovery and to help rehabilitate, they need the support of close family members. In India, mental health is stigmatised and family members do not know where to seek help.

A trained facilitator will be available in SHB to help support patients or their family members wanting to know more on helping the loved one manage their lives.

Kindly check on our calendar for monthly schedule. Only by appointment.