Senior Citizen Wellness

Senior Citizen Wellness

Senior Citizens in India, often stay alone and as a community have become vulnerable. With the breakaway of the joint family system, most seniors want to live by themselves for as long as they can / are able to. It is important to recognise their need to live by themselves and respect it. It is evidenced by the rapid growth of assisted living centres all over the Country.

Not everyone, however, can move into assisted living. For those living by themselves, it is essential to support them, help them maintain their independence and live their lives with dignity. Any one over 55 who requires support of different kinds, is a “Senior” in our definition.

We have different programmes for Seniors, please check Calendar on what kind of support you are looking for.

Cognitive Screening and Care (assessment and care)

Often, we have seniors who have trouble coping with daily activities and may need help/ assistance from family member/other care giver. This could be as a result of stroke/ Parkinson’s/ Alzheimer’s etc. These specifically affect parts of the brain that control thought, memory and language. It is degenerative and mostly irreversible. The best approach to any dementia is engagement, communication and loving care.

We have an Alzheimer’s and dementia assessment support (free for initial screening) by a well-trained neuro psychologist, ably supported by a Geriatric physician. A cognitive screening helps you identify the cause, treatment options and care required to be taken. This is available on a monthly basis, check Calendar and meet (only with appointments).

Ease and Support (Palliative Care/Medicine)

Providing medical care for the elderly often involves medically and ethically complex decision-making, requiring consideration of patients’ multiple co-morbid conditions, their quality of life, and their wishes regarding treatments.

Geriatric palliative care is a sub speciality of palliative care which helps patients to live and die with dignity and comfort and helps their family members to manage the patient in a better way. We in SHB are collaborating in bringing this service to you, with our partners, Ease and Support, headed by Dr. Priyadarshini Kulkarni. Read more about them here.

SHB Social Foundation in collaboration with Ease and Support is happy to provide various services.

  • Medical Management of Advanced stage Patients
  • Psycho – Social Management – of patients as well as family members. They need help while getting adjusted to the new phase of their life.
  • Create awareness about accepting death as natural extension of life while someone is suffering from life limiting illness
  • Making people aware about advance care planning / living will and help them to die peacefully.
  • Awareness building about caregiver’s roles, issues, support they need in face of advance illness
  • Creating awareness about “death from chronic illness as a natural extension of life” and help them take correct decisions after sharing the critical information in the language that audiences understand.

All the above services are available through SHB Social Foundation. Please check our Calendar, take appointment and come.