Testimonial received from a parent whose child was a victim of cyber sexual abuse and called up Listening Post -

“One routine evening, crisis struck our family, without warning
As is always the case.

Brain numbed
and grief battered every strength we had… I didn’t know who to call. How do we find the right people to help us? What we needed was a compassionate, sensitive, experienced professional who would help and
very urgently!
Then I thought of Janaki and her center.

Janaki, her expert panel of professionals and Counsellors guided us every single step of the way and they helped us not only to understand the situation better, but also gave us clear, decisive ways to handling the issues. They understood the gravity of the situation and the urgency in the matter. Within a week plenty was resolved!

The best part– they showed us how to set our emotions aside & unite as a family to resolve the issue. So now we are stronger, closer and tight knit like never before!! If this was a Test of Fate, we have passed with flying colors – thanks to SHB!

Testimonial received from The Orchid School for modules conducted on Gender Sensitization - 

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