SHB Social Foundation runs purely on the strength of our volunteers. All programmes are currently run with trained volunteers. Volunteering opportunities are available to work with various activities of SHB Social Foundation. Volunteering and Internship opportunities are available for fixed duration, but for a minimum of two months. Part time volunteering opportunities are available for our regular ongoing activities.

For Listening Post

Our Listening Post volunteers (Listening Champions) undergo a selection process and if selected go through a rigorous training programme on empathetic and compassionate listening. This training is held every six months and conducted over 5 to 6 weekends. If you would like to volunteer for Listening Post, kindly note that you will have to commit for training time also. No untrained volunteer will be taken in Listening Post, even if you have a degree or diploma in Counselling.  Our Listening Post volunteers are selected from all walks of life – homemakers, working professionals etc.

For Senior Citizens Corner

If you are willing to spend a couple of hours talking to, playing games with or having simple conversations with senior citizens, then you are most welcome to. Currently we run a Smartphone Assistance Programme for senior citizens every wednesday.

For other community reach-out programmes We have “reach-out” programmes for different segments of society like Senior Citizens, Students appearing for board exams, LGBT, Caregivers, Working women (proposed), Adolescents (proposed), and so on. Volunteers are requested to send a mail to reachus@saathihaathbadhana.org with a brief CV of your knowledge, skills and abilities to help us assess your suitability for the right role for you.

Our Current Volunteers

Saira Sikand




Saira has made a career out of volunteering. Having spent her initial years with CRY, she has been closely associated with setting up “Sunshine” a play space within the premises of the pediatric ward of Sassoon Hospital. Saira is a good organizer, excellent fundraiser and a good networker  amongst NGOs. Saira has been with us since inception and is a huge contributor of ideas and best practices. From August 2014, she volunteers with us once a week, on Mondays.



Hema Wagh


Hema ji



Hemaji, at 73 is an inspiration for us at SHB. She looks after the admin, the workshop registrations and is a live spirit around the office. She is a veteran volunteer and has been with SHB since inception. Hemaji is a compassionate soul and is often a “listening post” for all of us here at SHB. She often disappears to visit her grandchildren in Singapore, but when she is here, she comes in to work, Mondays and Tuesdays.



Lata Ananth




Lata is a genial, fun loving and patient soul. A teacher by profession, she volunteers thrice a month as a Listening Post champion. She’s trained and has been with Listening Post since inception.




Neena Khaire



Neena is a simple and clear thinking person. Also a teacher by profession, she’s good with adolescents and parents. She’s trained and experienced and has been with Listening Post since inception.

All volunteers at LP are professionally trained in Compassionate Listening and regularly update their skills through refresher courses. We have a Mentor for all our volunteers who teaches them self-care, and helps resolve difficult issues



Adithy – Listening Post Mentor

Adithy acts as a mentor to SHB Social Foundation. Part of the original team when the idea was taking shape, Adithy now volunteers to support some of our activities like Student Support, Care Giver Support and also mentors other Listening Post volunteers. Adithy is a counselling Psychologist in Pune, actively involved in education, prevention, intervention and postvention work in the field of mental health since 2001, in private practice and volunteering with non profit organisations.

Kaushal Sanghavi




Kaushal is an enthusiastic follower/ teacher of technology and has been with this programme since inception. He’s an entrepreneur and runs Breathing Rooms. In this tough and fast paced world of entrepreneurship, he makes time to be here for our Smartphone Assistance programme for senior citizens.




Naren Soundarajan




Naren is a student of MSc in Pune University and is a recent addition to our team. He’s enthusiastic and happy to help with any of the gadgets that the senior citizens bring in.






Resh Val




Resh Val is our support person for our Support Group for Persons Suffering from Mental Illnesses and their families. Resh is an artist/activist fighting for the rights of full legal capacity for people diagnosed with mental illnesses. She is the founder of “THE RED DOOR”, an online initiative to create more awareness about issues of mental health in India. She is also the Founder-Director of MindArcs, which aims at creating spaces for more user/survivors (of psychiatry) to come ‘out of the closet’ and speak about their experiences. However, the space is also open to others who might not have a label/diagnosis but just simply have had different experiences.




Raji Satyamurthy




Raji Satyamurthy has been a Defence Scientist and an IT Services Delivery Manager for 20 years, before moving to the social sector in 2010. In her long career, she has developed a deep experience in incubating and successfully running large projects/ programs in IT as well as the social sector. She brings to the table rich experience in Program set-up and execution, right from Fund raising/ Grant Proposals through Field team management and mentoring, Volunteer Mobilization, Operational Processes, Deployment of Data Management Tools, Corporate (CSR) connect and creating Program visibility through Social media. We welcome her on board to add her value experience to our team.



Gandha Sahu

Gandha S (1)


Ms. Gandha Sahu is a volunteer for our “Women’s Legal Cell”. She is a lawyer who has been a practicing lawyer in the family court and then worked in Corporate Law. Gandha is a trained and accredited member of the Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation.  She is offering her voluntary services to walk-ins at our Centre. This will be twice a month (see calendar for dates/timings) to help women seek free legal advice on matters related to marriage, separation, maintenance, divorce, child custody, adoption, property, inheritance etc.



Padmaja Pore

Padmaja Pore

Padmaja Pore

Padmaja Pore volunteers for our Smartphone Assistance Program. She is currently working with an NGO and has a background and professional experience in HR as well as software development. She loves to read and enjoys good music.